Helping The BlindStore sell custom-made blinds online

Having identified a gap in the market for high quality, well priced NZ made blinds available to order online, The BlindStore – a new business at the time – approached Scratch to help with a custom eCommerce website design.

Due to the nature of blinds being a very custom-made product, we built their new eCommerce website from the ground up with custom functionality such as tiered pricing based on customer-defined measurements and advanced product attributes.

The end result is a professional and user-friendly eCommerce website that allows The BlindStore to sell custom-made blinds online – all with little or no customer contact. So if you need some new blinds for your home or business, take a look at The BlindStore.

How we helped


User-friendly & high-conversion

Seamless user experience & custom eCommerce

Visit The Blindstore website and the first thing that you’ll instinctively want to do is get an instant quote. This is no accident – the preferred customer journey was made clear to us – “Get them engaged with the products and pricing from the word go; everything else will follow.”

We carefully planned the user experience with this in mind, making sure that products were front and centre, but also that it was easy for the user to find their way to supporting information such as the measuring guide and samples request page.

This strategy was well-supported with high-quality images and information + custom eCommerce features to make specifying and ordering blinds online as quick and easy as possible.

Custom measurement pricing

Custom eCommerce pricing to allow for user-specified dimensions

Samples request form

A user friendly, visually designed form for customers to request free colour samples

Email re-engagement

Automated email to re-engage customers who have requested samples but haven’t placed an order

Customers can shop on any device