Helping LifestylePanel lift their brand profile

In preparing of a period of strong growth, LifestylePanel required a modern website that lifted the professionalism of their brand and helped to sell the benefits of their in-room guest engagement system.

We designed a modern, mobile-friendly website that clearly demonstrates the features and benefits of their platform with clear imagery and simple content layouts. We added testimonials to help build trust and employed conversion techniques to help drive enquiry.

How we helped

A modern, professional website

Clean & simple design

This project was just as much about enhancing the clients brand as it was about educating users on the features and benefits of the product. We used a full-width, responsive website design with long-form pages to create an experience that clearly sold the benefits of LifestylePanel and brought their client logos to the forefront of the homepage (as well as having these in the footer of every content page) to help build credibility. We also used modern conversion techniques to help drive enquiry.

Homepage features slider

The homepage slider graphic framed by an LSP TV clearly sell features & benefits

Online demo

Customers can access a password-protected online demonstration video

"Sticky" navigation

No matter where you are on the page, the main menu is always easily accessible

Customers can browse on any device