Google advertising that sells

Scratch is a Google Adwords specialist, focussed on crafting effective campaigns that deliver leads & sales.

Can people find you on Google?

Every day hundreds of thousands of kiwi’s turn to Google to find, research and buy products & services, so if your answer is “no, people can’t find me on Google”, then you’re missing out!
Let us help make sure you get a shot at the business!

How we build a campaign that converts

By taking the time to really understand your customers & goals and then crafting compelling ad copy, we’ll deliver a high-converting, cost-efficient Adwords campaign.



Customer segmentation

Before anything else, we’ll sit down with you for a discussion around your markets, products & services to gain a clear understanding of what your different customers look like.

Based on this we’ll be able to figure out what they are likely to be searching for on Google and then be able to create campaigns specifically targeted towards each customer group, meaning more efficient use of your budget and higher conversion.


Goal planning

This is where we figure out what success looks like so we can track, measure and optimise. Identifying your advertising goals goes hand-in-hand with customer segmentation.

By knowing exactly what your end game is for each customer group, we are able to very easily gauge effectiveness and better optimise each campaign and you as a client are able to hold us to account for every dollar spent.


Keyword research

The first step of every AdWords campaign setup is doing the research to find out what people are actually searching for.

Often we find that what you think your customers are typing into Google isn’t the same in reality. The research process will help identify opportunities, extend campaign reach and provide an indication of how competitive your industry is, therefore how far your budget is likely to stretch.


Compelling ads

Helping you stand out from the competition – next step in setting up an AdWords campaign is planning and writing the ads. 

We’ll spend the time required to setup an effective campaign, with carefully thought out ad variations that help you stand out from your competitors. With a combination of attention grabbing headlines, convincing copy and the use of AdWords extensions we’ll craft a campaign that brings in quality website visitors.


Monitoring and optimisation

Every month you can expect to get better bang for buck than the month before, because we’ll continually monitor and analyse campaign performance.

We’ll make sure you’re not wasting advertising dollars on ads and keywords that are under-performing and spend the time to remove and modify ads that aren’t converting plus add new variations based on what is proving to be effective.

Benefits of Google advertising

Over a million businesses around the world are using Google Adwords to find new customers and grow their business. Here's why.

google-icon-found google-icon-found-selected

Get Found

google-icon-click google-icon-click-selected

No click, No charge

google-icon-results google-icon-results-selected

Measurable Results

Reach a qualified audience

This is the number one reason Google ads work so well
With Google Adwords you’re able to put an tailored ad in front of somebody who is searching for exactly what you’re selling.
This is the stuff marketing dreams are made of.

Make sure you get a shot at the business
If people are searching and you’re not there, who do you think is picking up the business?

Don’t miss these opportunities – get your brand and your message in front of the people who are actively hunting you out, so you have a chance to meet a new customer and make a sale.



Pay for the results, not the ad

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising
The beauty of Google Adwords search marketing is that you only pay when somebody clicks on your ad. How much each click costs depends on the competition in your industry, but the bottom line is that you’ll get to deliver you message, on your terms.

Work within your budget
If you’re a little gun-shy, then start small and work from there. We can work with budgets from as little as $10/day.


No more guesswork

Absolutely no fluff
The reports available through Google Adwords means there’s absolutely nowhere to hide – each month we’ll talk through the results and figure out what’s working, what’s not and how to move forward.

You define what success looks like
When we setup an Adwords campaign, we’ll discuss what constitutes success and setup a way to measure this. We can measure anything from website enquiries and eCommerce sales to people viewing a certain page or even phone calls.



Key features of Google advertising

Google Adwords allows you to reach the right customers at the right time with a range of options for audience targeting and ad delivery.

Search Advertising

People are looking - be found

People searching Google are about as qualified an audience as you'll ever find, which means they're also the lowest hanging fruit. So help solve their problem by placing an ad targeted directly to what they were searching for.

Geographic Targeting

Go local, national or global

Google AdWords allows you to target customers in certain countries, regions or cities – or even within a specified distance from your business or shop. This means no budget is wasted on targeting customers who are not likely to buy from you.

Display Advertising

Right time, right place

With display advertising you can create text, image, interactive and video ads then place these on local & international websites that are relevant to your products & services. Google will show those ads to people who are most likely to be interested.


Re-engage your website visitors

Ever notice as you're browsing the web that some websites seem to "follow you around"? Remarketing allows you to target ads towards your website visitors - an excellent way to encourage return visits and increase your chances of conversion.

Mobile Advertising

Reach your customers, everywhere

We live in a mobile world, so to run truly effective campaigns you need to show up no matter what device your customer is using - be it a mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop. This way, when your customer reaches out, you're right there.

Conversion Tracking

What happened after the click?

Conversion Tracking allows you setup advertising goals and then track how successful your advertising is in terms of achieving these goals. Typical goals would be completion of an enquiry/booking form, online sale or even a phone call.

Google Analytics Integration

Everything in one place

Google Adwords offers useful insights and reporting, but it's also ideal to have campaign information available in Google Analytics. We ensure a seamless integration between Adwords and Analytics so that all data is available in one place.

Call Tracking

Connect a click to a call

It's one thing to be able to track if somebody clicked on an ad, then filled in a form or bought online, but what if they just picked up the phone? Our call tracking system allows you to connect an ad click to a phone call (and more), so you can really measure success.