Frequently asked questions about email marketing

Is email marketing right for my business?

That depends on your business, and your objectives.
Typically we find that most businesses can benefit from the use of email marketing, but it all comes down to your underlying strategy. So what would you hope to achieve by email marketing?

  • Inform your customers about new products using email marketing
  • Show-off your best work in an email newsletter
  • Help maintain relationships with automated emails – e.g. send a happy birthday email; include a voucher or free gift
  • Remind your customers about date-critical events – e.g. remind them their car is due for a service

Ultimately, you want to be adding value for your customers – this is they key question to ask once you come up with ideas and strategy. Be honest with yourself – if you’re not really adding value in some capacity, then it’s probably not money well spent, and your customers may not thank you either!

I don’t have email addresses for most of my customers, what can I do?

Get systems in place, and quickly!
This is probably the number one reason that a lot of businesses put email marketing in the “too hard basket”. Don’t get left behind – with every day that goes by it becomes even more important that you embrace digital marketing technology and establish a presence in this space. Every business has to start somewhere, and there are simple things you can do to get moving.

  • Ensure your internal systems encourage collection of a mobile phone number & email address at every possible opportunity
  • Incentivise your existing customers to update their details via a “snail-mail” campaign including a prize draw of some kind
  • Put a subscribe form on your website – again incentivise!
  • If you’re in retail, install an iPad or similar device at checkout with an incentive for signing up

None of this is rocket science – the hardest part is just finding time to make it happen.

Can Scratch provide me with an email list?

Sorry, no!
The 101 of successful email marketing – permission! If you don’t have implied (at the very least) or explicit permission to send to the people on your database, then your marketing probably doesn’t amount to anything more than spam, which we won’t enable, or endorse.

Read more about our stance on spam.

Do I need a server to use ScratchMail?

You won’t need your own server, and you won’t need to install anything. ScratchMail is a cloud based software, which means you can access it from anywhere in the world using an internet-enabled computer or mobile-device.