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Sending emails is something done daily by marketers all over the world. But how many of those emails are designed to get opened and read?

To help ensure the emails you’re sending out are designed to perfection Campaign Monitor has created The Really Good Email Design checklist infographic.

Here are a couple of tips from the infographic to get you started.

Improve your email layout
The layout of your email should make it easy for your readers to find what’s important to them quickly. It should also be obvious what they should do next.

Since most email readers scan for the details they need, use headlines, images, and bulleted lists. Use images and spaces to break up lots of text so that the info is easy to digest.

Using an inverted pyramid shape makes this easy to set up. Add your header image at the top of the email, add important but minimal text, and then a call-to-action. Your email content will then lead your readers to take the action you want them to.

Personalise your content
The content of your email is what’s going to get your readers to take an action, such as clicking a link, reading an article, or making a purchase. Plus, it’s what will get your email opened over time, as your subscribers will be waiting for the great emails you send.

Personalising your email with a name, birthday, or recent purchase can be done with data stored can be really effective. In fact, subject lines that are personalised are 26% more likely to be opened.

For even more personalisation, try using dynamic content. You can use images to show specific products to certain parts of your mailing list based on gender or past purchases. Alternatively, you can add text that pertains to people in certain parts of the country. The more specific your email can be for each reader, the more likely they are to convert.

Wrap up
These are just two ideas from the infographic that’s chock full of tips. Use this checklist before sending your next email to make sure your design is going to perform. Perhaps you can use it to see what you can tweak in your current design to make it even better. Either way, designing really good emails just got easier. 

The Really Good Email Design Checklist - Infographic by Campaign Monitor

Source: The Really Good Email Design Checklist by Campaign Monitor