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When I first got into email marketing my key concern was making sure that my email looked the way it should in all the different desktop/web-based email clients.

Mobile-rendering wasn’t even on my radar – smart phones just weren’t common place as they are today.

But today is a VERY different landscape. Not only do I have to ensure my clients emails render correctly and look great across the huge variety of desktop email clients, but also on mobile, (which encompasses all versions of the iPhone, Android, Windows phone, Blackberry and more…)

So this post covers off a question I often get asked – is mobile-friendly/responsive email design really worth the hassle?

I like how it was eloquently put in a blog post by Email Design Review:

“I think that it’s a no-brainer to look at providing a better experience for those users opening your emails on a mobile device. In fact, personally I find it a bit weird that we need stats before we think about this, but there we go.”

And my personal opinion – a resounding YES!

Why so confident? Take a look at the stats about email on mobile…

You just have to look at the statistics below. They all scream the reasons why, but the first one really sums it up:

  • Approximately 50% of all email is opened on a mobile device.
  • Compare that to about 30% on desktop clients and the rest on webmail.
  • 90% of your subscribers access the same message on both their phone and computer.
  • Mobile users are likely to check their email more frequently than traditional subscribers – as many as 43% of mobile users check their email four or more times per day!
  • 70% of consumers will delete an email that doesn’t render properly on their device.

In essence – if you decide not to bother with mobile-friendly email design, you’re saying to more than 50% of your market “sorry, I don’t have time to think about you”.

So think about what that means from a commercial perspective. Would you be happy with your sales or customer services team putting in 100% effort with only 50% of the prospective customers that you worked so hard to get through your door? I’m guessing possibly not!

So in summary …

Yes, creating a mobile friendly email template requires a bit more time, effort and investment – but in a majority of cases you’ll see a good return:

Better user experience = better engagement = improved results.

Scratch can help with designing of mobile-friendly email templates – just get in touch and we’ll have a conversation.